We have begun … A Call for Contributors

Welcome to the Patient Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (POTT), and our new blog the Health Innovation TT. Chances are you may not have heard of us.  With that in mind, allow me to introduce, POTT.  We are a voluntary members organization working to alleviate patient suffering in Trinidad and Tobago. Our vision is an Accessible Person-Centered Healthcare System in Trinidad and Tobago that will efficiently and effectively deliver quality healthcare to every individual. Our mission is two-fold in that, we aim to improve the healthcare system in Trinidad and Tobago through (a) supporting existing patient advocacy groups in their aims and objectives and (b) the conceptualization, design and implementation of projects and initiatives which focus on Person-Centered Healthcare and which will support the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s mandate to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care for all.

POTT holds itself to some core values basically, we are NICE. This means we are, Non-Political: We have no political affiliation and do not desire to have any. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders including Government administrations. We practice and whole heartedly believe in Inclusion: We work to fulfil our mission for the benefit of all, protecting against discrimination and disadvantage and empowering patients and their carers to participate constructively in their treatment. We embrace the benefits Collaboration: We share knowledge and work with others to achieve common goals to create our vision. This work is all grounded in Empathy: We treat patients, their families, carers and all partners and stakeholders with respect, compassion and understanding.

The hope of this blog is to inform and educate our audience on all matters relating to health, which we define, according to the World Health Organization (WHO),” as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The Call for Contributors :

As our name indicates we are the Patient organization of Trinidad and Tobago which means “Trinbago we want to hear from you!”.

At the Health Innovation TT blog your voices, your expertise and perspectives matter.  We are inviting you to apply to become one of our regular contributors to this blog.

Do you have a point of view on health in Trinidad and Tobago you want to share?

Are you a patient organisation working on a specific health issue and you want to bring greater awareness about your work and what you are doing?

Are you passionate about improving healthcare in TT?

Do you have relevant expertise/experience in the health sector, which gives you unique insight to our problems?

Are you a patient or a patient-carer and you would like to shine a light on your challenges and the good stuff too, relating to the healthcare system in TT?

We welcome you to take up this opportunity to be a monthly voluntary contributor to our blog.

This is about “WE” … working together sharing our knowledge and experience with the goal of improving the experience of citizens as they interact will all levels of healthcare in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you are interested in contributing to our blog, you can contact us at contact@margaretr11.sg-host.com and visit our website at margaretr11.sg-host.com

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