How We See the World

POTT is a voluntary members organization working to alleviate patient suffering in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Vision

An Accessible Person-Centered Healthcare System in Trinidad and Tobago that will efficiently and effectively deliver quality healthcare to every individual.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the healthcare system in Trinidad and Tobago through (a) supporting existing patient advocacy groups in their aims and objectives and (b) the conceptualization, design and implementation of projects and initiatives which focus on Person-Centered Healthcare and which will support the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s mandate to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care for all.

Our Core Values


Non-Political : We have no political affiliation and do not desire to have any. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders including Government administrations.


Inclusion : We work to fulfil our mission for the benefit of all, protecting against discrimination and disadvantage and empowering patients and their carers to participate constructively in their treatment.


Collaboration : We share knowledge and work with others to achieve common goals to create our vision.


Empathy: We treat patients, their families, carers and all partners and stakeholders with respect, compassion and understanding.